Pallet Racking Uprights

Pallet Racking Uprights

Available in either Regular Duty and Heavy Duty Configurations

Pallet Rack Heights

Start at 72" high and can run as high as 192" depending on you arrlication needs. Remember to leave room for the top row of decks between the top ot the rack and the ceiling.

Pallet Rack Depths

Depths start as 24" deep and can run as deep as 48". The standard pallet is typucally 48" Wide X 48" Deep.

All Pallet Rack frames feature welded footplates, 2" on center beam adjustment, size availability to 48" wide and 192" high. Sahara or Blue-Gray are standard colors. Frame size should be chosen to allow a minimum pallet overhang of 2" front and 2" rear.

The Pallet Rack load capacity per frame is 26,000 LB. To preclude overturning, the frame depth x 6 cannot exceed the height of the topmost loaded beam pair, unless all the frames are properly anchored or braced externally.

144" Pallet Rack Uprights

120" Pallet Rack Uprights